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ELSA® Tecnologia de Proteção Eletrica Ltda. is a Brazilian company using a new, eco friendly technology to produce electrical safety equipments.


ELSA® manufactures insulation gloves made 100% from synthetic polyisoprene.



Our clients are primarily electrical energy distributors and their outsourced maintenance providers. We also provide our products to utility companies, manufacturing industries and to all companies, where electricians and technical staff are exposed to low and high voltage and use personal protection Equipment (PPE).


Our products exceed current quality standards

Insulating Gloves
High Protection
100% Synthetic
High Quality Standards
Individually tested
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ELSA® Gloves present lower leakage current, higher mechanical resistance,  lower ShoreA values. Therefore they are  more durable,  soft and have better tactile qualities.

ELSA® Gloves are a world novelty, using unique synthetic poly-isoprene, free of any protein. The process is eco-friendly, water based, does not use any other solvents and has a very low energy consumption during the manufacturing process. 

ELSA® Gloves are individually tested and certified. Test results show mechanical and electrical quality parameters beyond any standard requirements. This guarantees long lasting quality, dexterity, comfort and resistance to all products.

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Insulating Gloves

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